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Published by: Robert Tucker on 20-Jan-21
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Looking for some QUICK cash flow?

Consider promoting a produce pre-launch...

One of the HUGE BENEFITS of promoting a
product, service, tool, training, business opportunity
or membership site in PRE-LAUNCH is all the
company provided materials are STILL FRESH...
you don't have a bazillion people promoting
the same pages yet.

This new offer, for example, LAUNCHES
January 11th and I started to promote it on
January 2nd by simply direct linking to the
company provided funnel pages...

- No Pre-Sale
- No Personal Branding
- No Personal Email Follow Up

... and check it out:

- Lead to Sale Conversion = 20%
- Avg Profit Per Lead = $13.77
- Avg Profit Per Sale = $68.89

Can you imagine?!

How would your life be different if you
started averaging an extra $453.20
per day?

Bless and be blessed,